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Are you ready to invest in your mental health in a powerful way?! 


The Amplify Your Life Masterclass is for anyone who has experienced mental health challenges (past or present) and is looking to...

  • Confidently opt out of situations, fears, relationships, or limiting beliefs that may have kept you from FULLY pursuing your dreams

  • Kickstart your confidence by creating boundaries that catapult you towards the life YOU want, despite living with a mental health condition

  • Communicate your needs, wants, and goals with the people in your life so that you remain in the driver seat (doctors, family members, strangers, partners, bosses, etc.)


The Amplify Your Life Masterclass can be done ON YOUR OWN TIME, WHEN YOU'RE READY, AT YOUR PACE! This course provides a short-cut to increased confidence, improved boundaries, lessened fear, strengthened well-being, with the tools you need to make smart decisions so you can thrive like a true boss. When you invest in your mental health, you will gain immediate access to:


  • My 7-module Amplify Your Life Masterclass on-demand training course

  • Downloadable 70+ page Amplify Your Life workbook

  • Resource guide of Mood Trackers, Apps, and Wellness Tools


"This motivational, research-based, self-directed course is one that I wish I could have taken 20 years ago. Honestly, I wish I could have taken it at any point along my journey with a mental illness. As a loud and proud gal living with bipolar disorder, my diagnosis has certainly punched me in the gut over the years...and that didn’t stop once I got stable and healthy.

My bipolar disorder is a cocky damn thing that seems to strut into my life and elbow me in the ribs just so I don’t forget it’s there. Living through mental health hospitalizations, changing medications, managing side effects, and working through my self-hatred while fighting an eating disorder...the journey was ROUGH to say the least.

However, as I learned to manage my disorder without being victim to it, I also had a lot of “hiding behind the smile” kind of days. I’m together on the outside, often out of fear of how others will view me if I crumble. Will people take me seriously? Will my career be impacted? Will the people in my life pack their bags and run?


There is a HECK OF A LOT that happens between the yuck of managing early crisis and worsening symptoms to becoming a confident and successful human. This middle ground of navigating careers, relationships, relocations, families, peer groups, and health issues is a journey that I’ve come to love. So, that’s where YOU COME IN! There is no reason to keep 20 plus years of therapy, advocacy, coaching, career success, mentorship, and education all to myself!"

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