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Life's Too Short for Shame: 3 Steps to Boost Your Confidence While Living With a Mental Health Condition


Living with a mental health condition (and accepting it) is not for the faint of heart. As someone who has lived with bipolar disorder 1 since the age of 17, I can testify to the significant amount of work it takes to not let my mental illness strip away my value, worth, and pride. Does any of this ring a bell? (If you answer yes - this session is built for YOU, and I'm thrilled you're here)! >>> Are you feeling alone in your journey to work through mental health challenges? >>> Do you want some easy-to-use steps to help put your needs first? >>> Looking for strategies to kick shame to the curb? I've got your back. WHO IS THIS FOR? ANYBODY who is working through a mental health condition and wants to boost their confidence, advocate for their needs, and set boundaries to protect their energy and wellness. WHAT’S INCLUDED? I'm giving you practical tools and strategies for how I worked through shame, reclaimed my voice, and gave myself permission to courageously ask for help when I needed it most (this is an ongoing journey)! >>> Life’s Too Short for Shame Guide >>> On-Demand video series with yours truly >>> Actionable steps you can implement TODAY Everyone deserves the opportunity to live with confidence and pride, regardless of their mental health condition! LET’S GOOOOOO!



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