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The mental health of your company IS your business. Prioritize, commit, and strengthen the mental health of your team. 

The Leading From the Top Training Programs provides a variety of customized training to help companies increase employee engagement and satisfaction by creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Workplace Training

Flexible training structure for in-person or virtual delivery. All sessions can be modified to meet the needs of your team!  You pick the date and time. We deliver the training.

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FROM STIGMA TO SUPPORT: Identifying the Impact of Mental Health Challenges in the Workplace

Learn practical tools and strategies to reduce mental health stigma and promote a company culture of safety and support.

Handman Tools

BEYOND THE SURFACE: Tools for Identifying Employee Mental Health Needs

Gain insights into the early warning signs of mental health challenges and how they can manifest in the workplace.

Working Together

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES: A Guide for Navigating Mental Health Conversations at Work

Support for managers to approach sensitive conversations about mental health with empathy, supportive language, and care.

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RESHAPING THE WORK EXPERIENCE: How Managers and Employees Collaborate on Mental Health Accommodations

Explore the win-win scenarios that arise when job modifications are tailored to meet mental health needs, benefiting both employees and employers.

Colleagues in Hallway

CALMING THE CRISIS: A Leader's Guide to Effectively Navigating Mental Health Crisis in the Workplace

Get equipped with basic crisis intervention skills, including assessing risk, providing emotional support, and engaging professional help and crisis responders.

Outdoor Meditation

CULTURE TRANSFORMATION: Fostering Engagement through Employee Resource Groups and Mental Health Campaigns

Learn the fundamentals of ERGs and how wellness programs and campaigns foster belonging, mental health advocacy, and inclusivity.

Leading From the Top Testimonial

Sloan Christensen.jpg

“We brought Erin in for an educational seminar for 90 HR professionals. The challenges HR professional face and continue to do so is the mental health and wellbeing of their talent. The experience with Erin was fantastic, we could not have asked for a more engaging person.


Her personality is infectious and her ability to connect through her personal experience was captivating. The content provided to our group of HR professionals was spot on. We have since worked with Erin on a local Senior Level HR group for training and is well received.”


Sloan Christensen, Vice President, Brown & Brown
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