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Empower yourself with practical skills to provide support and understanding to those experiencing mental health challenges.

What's it all about?

Mental Health First Aid is a comprehensive 8-hour virtual course designed to provide the general public with essential knowledge and skills to effectively respond to mental health challenges and crisis.


This virtual course is an evidence-based program through the National Council for Mental Wellbeing and facilitated live by Erin Callinan. MHFA is eligible for 7.5 CEU's.

Renewable every three years, this comprehensive certification helps you to:

  • Identify risk factors and warning signs for a variety of mental health issues.

  • Understand the prevalence of mental health disorders and promote positive attitudes in your community.

  • Provide professional, peer, and self-help resources to support recovery.

  • Utilize a 5-Step Action Plan to assist individuals who are struggling with their mental health or in crisis.​

Pamela Harris, CT

"This is the most important course you will ever take providing valuable life lessons to support your community." 
Talent & Organizational Development Manager, SLR

Murray Inman, AZ

"Erin is one of the best instructors I have seen. Her class is very high value and worth every minute of time."
VP, Disability Advocacy Group, Rio Salado College

Jennie Tis, PA

"Great class, highly motivated instructor, and great interaction. Gained needed knowledge and very appreciative of it."
Community Member
Certified in 2022

Stephanie Strauss, IL

"10/10 recommend this course to every human on this planet. This was so informative, empowering, and helpful."

Movement & Mindfulness Facilitator, Founder of RSI

Interested in scheduling a private MHFA course for your team, coalition, or community?

You pick the date and time. We deliver the training!

(Minimum of 5 participants, Maximum of 30)

That's not all...we offer even more!

Leading From the Top Training

This workplace mental health training is the key to solving common problems like workplace stigma, ineffective communication, and lack of knowledge about where to get help.


Leading From the Top gives you practical tools on what to look for and how to help so you can best support the mental health needs of your team effectively.


Recharge and Reset Training

Are mounting work pressures taking a toll on your mental health? You're not alone. The Recharge and Reset Training series is here to reclaim control of your life and career!


Dive into our transformative sessions and equip yourself with the tools to combat stress, nurture a growth mindset, and cultivate sustainable self-care habits. Don't let stress stifle your success.


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