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Beautifully Bipolar: An Inspiring Look into Mental Illness

Erin Callinan bravely shares her journey of living with bipolar disorder and overcoming adversity with unwavering honesty. Beautifully Bipolar is a real, raw, and relatable glimpse into the complexities of mental illness, beginning with Erin’s first manic episode at the age of 17.


She takes readers on a deeply personal journey through hospitalizations, battles with an eating disorder, and the complexities of medication management. Beautifully Bipolar not only fosters acceptance and personal empowerment for those affected by mental illness but also offers a beacon of hope for individuals and families navigating similar challenges.


Erin provides tangible strategies for recovery and wellness that took her from a struggling teen to a thriving entrepreneur and national speaker, with a Masters in Social Work. This book is a heartfelt tribute that promotes self-advocacy, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to reshaping societal perceptions of mental health.

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"Erin has been through a lot, and now flourishes - her words sparkle with contagious optimism that her readers can flourish, as well.


This kind of clear-eyed honesty (just look at the book cover!) and directness is so needed, whether for insight beyond one's own experience, or to become similarly clear-eyed as one who living with bipolar, or as a friend or family.


The book is fascinating, easy reading, with impact like a library of information, but feels something like a hug."

-Diane Walter

"Erin, thank you for giving more than a textbook description of this too common, too little understood medical condition.


You've put a face on it, given it a name, and demonstrated that there can be positive outcomes with consistent effort.


I gave a huge sigh of relief at the end of her book, when I realized that what we're experiencing, is not unique, we're not alone going through this experience."


- J.J.

"This book had me enthralled from the first sentence. I read it front to back in one sitting. A story of a courageous, young, beautiful girl who had her world turned upside down, and the path she has taken to get where she is today.


You will laugh and cry right along with her in this compelling, heart-felt book. And at the end you will CHEER!


Erin has taken her "disorder" and is now taking powerful and positive strides towards making this world a better place!"


- Merri Johnson

"I have read 16 books on this subject in the past 3 months. I chose this one to be my last.


I'm glad I did because as I've since come to terms with my own illness, this, for me, was like reflecting back over the years.


This woman can really write. She's descriptive in ways that keep you wanting to read more."

- D.D.

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